Who is Samui Carter?

Like all good stories, mine starts with a bit of romance. I was on holidays in Koh Samui where I met my love and partner, an Englishman who shares the same love for the sun, sand and sea as I do.  Fast forward a few years and the Carter family are now settled in sunny Australia with our 2 beautiful sons and our cheeky ginger cat Samui.
With a love of colour, outdoors, travel and the beach, I lead an active lifestyle and am usually outside in the sun.  As I am prone to facial pigmentation, I need to constantly cover my face and wear sunscreen.  I always struggled to find a hat with a wide enough brim that was colorful yet fashionable and easy to wear when out and about.
Frustrated, but inspired, I decided to make my own, and Samui Carter was born.

Our bold wide brim hats and visors provide maximum shade to keep your beautiful face protected whilst also ensuring that you look and feel good.  They are easy to mix and match with your current wardrobe, effortlessly injecting colour and style into your day.

The Samui Carter woman is down to earth, intelligent and loves life.  She is confident, adventurous and craves the outdoors. Being aware of the damage the sun can cause to her skin she wears her Samui everyday. She wears one out walking, has another in her beach bag and she ALWAYS takes at least one on holidays.
Browse our collection now and once you’ve chosen the right Samui Carter for you, don’t forget to share your colourful snaps with us on Instagram using the hashtag #meetmeinsamuicarter 

Samui Carter; colourful and stylish hats with wide brim sun protection......

Sophie Carter and Family